My Project

Tidy Dee is a home organizer consultant who has been trained and certified trainee during the KonMari Seminar in London in 2019.

After her personal experience she realized how important a tidy home can be for a healthy lifestyle and a peaceful mindset.

Being surrounded by too many things can make you feel disoriented even sometimes can affect you in a way that you will feel constant frustration and sadness

My Philosophy

A Tidy Home Is A
Happy Home!

Organizing your house or your office isn’t only about putting things at their place or throwing or giving away everything. Its about keeping around you what makes you feel happy. About relieving yourself from excess items that invade your daily life and to be able to focus on what’s important for you.

My Mission

TidyDee realized how much people needed to feel free from their belonging and detox their home.

It can be difficult to do it without support. So she decided to help and guide people throughout this journey of decluttering and tidying their space to provide happiness and lightness in their life.